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Dog Training Techniques for success in life and with your pooch

04 Dec


If we are persistent, consistent and expectant in our daily lives, we might find a little more harmony and contentment amongst the canines and humans we live with.

I created this brief video to discuss these concepts with you.

Our dog BJ was a big help when it came to showing you how persistence really works.

As I stated in the video, this was the first time I put the dog bed outside and asked her to stay in it.  If you live anywhere near Florida you know why the dog wouldn’t normally be outside for any length of time.

She quickly showed the audience how persistence works in real life.  It only took 3 times for me to kindly ask her to return to the bed and not leave before she understood that I was not going to give up.  She finally laid down and relaxed.

Persistence comes from wanting something bad enough.

golf dog training techniques

In this case, quitting wasn’t an option for us because of the golfing community we live in.  Trust me, golfers aren’t too fussy about your favorite canine grabbing their ball and ripping up the turf as they enthusiastically run down the fairway.

It was out of necessity we were required to have our dog listen and live within our boundaries.

Consistency was the next dog training technique we spoke about.

When we train our dog or our kids for that matter, this principle is huge.  A dog is like a child, they know if you are consistent or not and their behavior will prove it.

This is a difficult rule to live by, but in the end everyone involved will benefit greatly.  Dogs especially love rules and boundaries. They feel safe and loved in this type of environment.

Your dogs, your kids, your employees, and your life will be a product of whether or not you are consistent.

Lastly, I spoke of expectancy.

If you don’t expect your dog to listen to you, they won’t.  They have to know you mean what you say and it is their job to live by it.

We can make things happen if we believe it is possible.  If you don’t believe in yourself or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish it isn’t likely to happen.

Have you ever witnessed a dog owner who merely suggests that their dog do something instead of expect it to.  Those are the owners that are being drug down the street on the end of a leash.

We make life happen and we will get out of it exactly what we put into it.

canine good citizen dog training techniquesThe same holds true for our canine good citizens.  They become deliquents because we don’t put the effort into educating them or we decide not to get educated ourselves. It takes two to tango, but we often blame the dog instead of accepting responsibility for our dogs behavior.

Enough of that ranting.

The bottom line is.  If we are persistent, consistent and expectant in life, we will achieve so much more.

Life lives by these rules whether we do or not.  Let me say that again.  Life lives by these rules whether we do or not.

What rules are you living by to help you be successful?

I am not perfect and neither is my dog, but I will take responsibility for the outcome because ultimately, I am responsible.

I believe in making things happen in life, with my dog and in my business.  What about you?

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