Story Book Meadows

At Story Book Meadows, our vision is to offer a ranch ministry for children, adolescents, and adults in need of healing and hope. With the use of horses and other farm animals, we encourage the emotional growth of participants with professional counseling, coaching or mentoring.

Healing With Horses at Storbook

Peaceful Pastures at Story Book Meadows

Our youth programs offer adolescents a chance to learn life skills in a unique and fun environment.

For those adults searching to expand their awareness, refresh with nature and find their true authentic self with the help of our herd, we offer coaching and interactive education with the horses in the form of workshops.

For personal and professional development our “Dynamic Herd” program for leadership and team building is a powerful way to build success into all areas of their lives.

The true heart of our ministry is reaching out to those who are seeking by showing the love and compassion of Christ while learning from our herd.

A sample  session at Story Book Meadows can be seen in the video below.  This short but dynamic video helps to understand exactly how valuable horses are when used in this unique format.

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