New Smyrna Florida Has A Dog Friendly Beach

19 Sep

Dog friendly beaches are hard to come by, especially in Florida, but New Smyrna has it all!Dog Friendly New Smyran Beach

If you head to New Smyrna Beach and drive as far north as you can, you will see a jetty of rocks. Just beyond there, you are allowed to have your favorite canine walk and play on the beach with you.

The day we went there, the kids were playing fetch with the dogs in the water, some were just hanging out with their canine buddies, but all in all, everyone looked like they were having a good time.

It is fun to see the boats coming through the waterway as well as see people fishing and enjoying life.

Watch this short video to see this dog friendly beach for yourself.

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We live in Florida and love checking out new things to do. You would be surprised at what real Florida has to offer!

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