How to Sell Your Horse

Knowing how to sell your horse in a climate where horses are literally being given away, can be a difficult task.

Being able to accurately describe, show and film your horse requires skill and creativity.

The videos on how to sell your horse that Micheline Productions creates, gives people the results they are looking for.

Accuracy and honesty in the horse market is sometimes hard to find, especially when buying a horse.  This is key when you are selling because people are looking for honesty.

Videos don’t lie. You cannot fake what is on video.  One thing about having a good video of your horse, the buyer knows your horse can do what you claim.  If they cannot get the same results it is NOT your horse, it is the rider.

After this owner tried selling her horse and didn’t get any calls I was able to get her horse looking good on video and placed the ad in such a way that had people coming and calling.  Go here for more information on using videos to sell your horse.

Check out this great looking horse!


This spotted saddle horse was mine and after posting “Harley and Me”, within 24 hours his new owner arrived and didn’t even want to take him for a ride. The video showed it all. It would have been difficult to fake what was filmed, and that is what you want to produce. You want to convey trust, so there is no doubt about what the horse can or cannot do.



This Missouri Fox Trotter was also mine and the video showed exactly what kind of horse he was. I named him “AWESOME” because he really was.


If you are needing some help in finding your horse a forever home give Micheline a call at 352-299-7419.

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