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Micheline Marketing can help optimize your web presence by making some important and often inexpensive changes or additions to your overall marketing plan.

Strategic marketing for your local area will put money in your pocket.

Although a website is crucial to success, many businesses miss the obvious in getting people to their door.

Market Me Ocala living on the edge

Live on the edge and get to the top

Put yourself in your customers shoes and do what they would do. That’s right, if they wanted to find your particular product or service where would they go?  Chances are they would Google you.  If you can’t find you, then neither can they.

Micheline Marketing helps you be found.

We specialize in helping to augment your own personal website with local search options.

We also help you develop a plan to brand yourself in a way that will make you stand out and be different.

Succeeding in a big way comes from living on the edge.  Being outrageous but not ridiculous is where you want to be!

“Appreciation Marketing” is where we shine and what we are passionate about.

The business that shows their customers appreciation in an unusual way will likely be noticed and get referrals.

Did you know that You Tube is free and can be an excellent way to be seen on line.

Youtube ranks higher than almost anything else you could do online to be noticed.

If you want to be better than your competitor, it is the little things that will make all the difference in accomplishing your goals.

Check out some of the marketing services that Micheline Marketing has to offer.

  • Set up and claim your local listing on Google Places – $50
  • Set up your Google profile – $25
  • Set up your You Tube channel – $50
  • Affordable online business video productions
  • Automated Appreciation marketing system – Check it out for FREE!
  • Coaching – $50 hr

These are only a few of the options that are available to help you achieve your marketing goals.

It is not unusual for businesses to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their buildings, their inventory etc. and miss the most basic inexpensive online steps to bring more traffic to their door.

Take the first step to success by calling “Micheline Marketing” and talk with a local specialist that can help you get to the top.

Contact: Micheline Clawson at 352-299-7419


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