How To Merge Or Join Audio Files Using MP3 Trimmer

10 Jun

I use MP3 Trimmer to merge or join audio files from my Marantz professional recorder.

After a lot of searching on the internet I found MP3 Trimmer and have never turned back.  It is very easy to use and works quickly.

Follow the instructions on this video and you will be happy with the results.

Once you have downloaded the software here and you have your audio files highlighted on your computer you simply drag and drop the audio files on the MP3 Trimmer window.

Here is the step by step method of merging your audio files.

1.  Download the software
2.  Go to the Tools tab and click join files (a window will open up)
3.  Drag your files into the little window
4.  Select the target folder on the bottom right ( I use my desktop)

Now you have your files all merged or joined together using MP3 Trimmer.  Free easy and fast!

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