How to add a video to your blog post in 3 easy steps

28 Sep

Adding a video to your word press blog is easy and can be done in 3 easy steps.

If you are not currently using video as an online marketing strategy you might want to reconsider.  Since Google just

Micheline Marketing, don't hide, use video marketing

Don’t hide! Be happy! Show yourself!

partnered up with Youtube, they are now a very powerfull team.

You want to be part of the top two search engines on the planet.

Don’t be slow getting out the gate and hiding in your shell. You will miss out on a lot of online traffic.

In fact, the more videos the better.  Often I have uploaded a video for someone and optimized if for their business and they were shocked at the results.

Literally over night, the video showed up before their own website did. Now that is powerful!

Okay, enough of my rant. You are likely convinced by now. 

So watch the video below and start posting videos on your blogs.

Follow these 3 easy steps to insert a video in your blog post.

Head over to youtube and find the video you want to insert.  Make sure you are not inside your own youtube channel because the option to embed will not be found there.
Once you found the video follow these steps.

1.  Click on “Share” below the video.

2.  Click on “Embed”.

3.  Simply copy the code that is highlighted in blue inside the box.  I usually use the old embed code that is checked by default.

Now you can go over to the blog post to add your video.

Follow these steps.

1.  Once you have identified the location for your video put the cursor exactly where you wan the video to show up.  Be sure you are in “HTML’.  It will not work if you are in visual mode.

2.  Simply paste the code you found in the box on youtube.

3.  Be sure you update the information and then click view post.

Follow these easy steps to success. Video is a great strategy to help build your brand online.

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To your success!

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