Guerilla Marketing Tactics That Make You Remarkable

26 Dec

If we use a few guerilla marketing tactics we just might get noticed and become remarkable.

T.V. has touched us with ads over and over again, but in the last few years, it just isn’t working anymore.

Companies spend millions of dollars anually to distract us and make us buy their products.

Watch this video by Seth Godin. He tells it like it is. I have outlined his guerilla marketing ideas for you below.

The company Coke Japan comes out with a new product every three weeks because they have no idea what will work.  Failure is what makes you successful. If you haven’t failed enough, you haven’t found what’s working.

The product that gets talked about or purchased depends on whether it is remarkable.

It needs to be worth remarking about and cause us to tell our friends.

If the product solves a problem or fills a need, people  will spread the word for “FREE”.

Remember, consumers really don’t care about you.  They want “me” mail, not “email”.

To market an idea without a following is difficult.

You have to find a group that really cares about what you have to say.

Krispy Kreme for example, enters a city, creates a following and prospers through word of mouth.  Sell to people who want to listen and they will tell their friends.

What marketers use to do is make average products for average people. That is what mass marketing is, stated at Five Channels.  We have so many choices and so little time now that we just don’t make any choices at all.

Don’t be boring! Be heard! Be remarkable!

Don’t be super outrageous, just figure out what they want and what you have to do to get their attention.

The riskiest thing is to be safe. Be in the fringes, be remarkable.

Very good is boring and won’t be noticed.  Figure out who cares and sell something to them.  They in turn will tell others.

That is the most basic of all guerilla tactics you can use.


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