God Cares, Even For Our Blue Bird

05 Jun

Although God cares for our “Blue Bird”,  He cares even more for “US”.

Every day as I go for a walk with the dog, I notice that our mailbox isn’t the only one that neighborhood birds are attracted to.

I often see birds with their beaks full of food or nesting material.  It just so happens that a beautiful blue bird has taken up residence in our mailbox.

Of course, we are particularly protective of our new resident.  When mail is put in we quickly remove it so the mother is not disturbed.

The funny thing is, no matter what happens, she is not discouraged.  Talk about a positive attitude. This blue bird always looks on the bright side of things and expects the mail to be removed, the eggs to hatch and the babies to grow up and leave their nest.  In fact, as I write this, she is on her second batch of beautiful little baby blue bird nest in mailbox

It amazes me that even when birds have their nests removed or destroyed they still come back to the same place and try again.  I am sure you have seen this over and over again.

I shouldn’t be, but I continue to be in awe as God cares for us and directs our paths day by day. In fact this is what Matthew 6:25-26 says,

25 “For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

26 Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”

Our God cares for the birds (and even our resident blue bird), so why wouldn’t He take care of us.

Funny thing is, we have a lovely picture of a blue bird that has followed us to every home we have lived in.  In fact, it is one of the first pictures we seem to put bird photo  These pretty little birds are not all that common and to have one build a nest right where we can watch it, makes me think of how God cares for us even in the most insignificant areas of our lives.

It could have been any bird that built that nest (in Florida they are everywhere), but God allowed that little blue bird to come to our mailbox.

Are you missing out on the little things that God is doing for you?

Living every day in awareness of His presence, helps us to look at life in a different way.

Yes, God cares for the birds and He knows what each bird is going through every day.

Isn’t that amazing?

He also knows what we are going throughout every day as well.  He protects us like we protect that little nest in our mailbox.

This doesn’t mean life is always rosy.  The birds in our mailboxes don’t seem to give up and neither should we. They often have to rebuild their nests several times and remain focused on their goal, to raise their young.

After all, if the birds of this world gave up, we wouldn’t have many birds flying around would we?

The next time life gets a bit rocky, think about all those birds out there that overcome life’s challenges and keep on keeping on.

Remember that God cares about the birds and He cares even more about “You”.


If you have overcome a challenge in your life, I would love to hear about it.  Please feel free to leave a comment and share it with the world.  You could be an encouragement to others.

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