Cocoa Beach On Christmas Day After Our Cruise


If you live in Ocala you might want to consider leaving from Port Canaveral as it is a comfortable 2 hour drive to the Port.

When planning a vacation for incoming guests, you can pick them up at the airport in Orlando and go right to a cruise, or, you can visit first and at the end of the vacation fit in a cruise to the Bahamas.  Your best choice is to not go directly from the airport to the cruise just in case there is a flight delay and your ship leaves without you.  Ships are not in a habit of waiting for anyone.

Plan your guests flight out of Orlando late in the afternoon and you can take in Cocoa Beach before the flight.  We did this on Christmas Day and it was fabulous.  You can relax on the beach, get a bite to eat on the pier and then take a leisurely drive to the airport.

Watch this video for some tips on a lovely Christmas cruise !

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  1. Ginger Gordon

    January 27, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Love the video’s I have a picture of Eddy his amazing, loved the information on him and his wife, child. Great..