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Thomas Chiropractic Care has been offering upper cervical care since 1994.

Nucca Chiropractor Dr. Michael Thomas

Dr. Michael Thomas

There are only a handful of Nucca Chiropractors in the state of Florida.  Since Dr. Thomas is the editor of the Nucca text book, you can be assured of his expertise in this area of health care management.

An upper cervical adjustment can do more than relieve neck pain, headaches and dizziness. In fact, this form of adjustment will treat all the problems that chiropractors will attempt to treat, like low back pain, sciatica, pain and numbness in your arms or legs, as well as hip, knee and ankle pain etc.. It has shown to improve digestive problems, depression, high blood pressure and asthma to mention only a few.

This strategic form of adjustment incorporates the use of carefully taken x-rays and measurements. The results of a proper diagnosis and adjustment have been life changing for many of his patients.

You can view a quick video of an office visit with Dr. Thomas by watching the video below.

If you have seen countless doctors and are unable to get to the bottom of your health care issue, you can book an initial consultation with Dr. Thomas at no charge by calling 352-245-6169 or visiting You won’t be disappointed with his expertise and compassionate attitude.

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