A Walk Through Sholom Park In Ocala Florida – A Must See!

23 Apr

Sholom Park is free to the public and offers a wonderful serene atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy, right here in Ocala Florida.

The beautiful parks that Ocala is home to, often go unnoticed.  It is an area full of culture, wildlife, water, fishing, horseback riding trails, mountain bike trails, kayaking, canoeing and the list goes on and on.

The real Florida exists right here in the Ocala area.  Check out all the fun things you can do.  Here is a list of the trails and parks for those outdoor enthusiasts.

This quick little video that was taken during my visit the other day shows an overview of how beautiful Sholom Park really is.

Sholom Park is located at 7110 SW 80th Avenue Ocala, FL 34481.

Thanks to the Horticultural Arts & Park Institute for all their hard work.

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Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo – A must See!

08 Jan

If you haven’t been to see the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa you are missing a an awesome interactive family fun adventure.

We live in Ocala and recently visited the zoo with our daughter and six year old grandson. It was amazing!

No crowds or lines and you could get close to the animals.  We really enjoyed the manatee and otter exhibit.

You will be able to see the kids enjoying it by watching this short video of that particular portion of the zoo.

If you are near Tampa, you really should put the Lowry Park Zoo on your to do list.

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Orlando Area Medieval Times – Tickets and Information

01 Jan

Medieval Times near Orlando has a spectacular dinner show.

If you are in the area it truly is a must see.  The horses, the food and the presentation all make it a memorable family event.medieval times dinner and tournament

They have created an all new show that you won’t want to miss.  It will propel you into an age of bravery and honor.

You will witness epic battles of steel and steed.

midieval times Orlando horses

From ringside seats at the Medieval Times, you will experience more action, more fun & more excitement than ever before.

The food is amazing and by the way, Medieval Times really does serve a four-course meal fit for royalty.  They are fast, efficient and incredibly organized.

You won’t be disappointed with the food.  In fact, it is the food and the way they served it that was almost more memorable to me than the show itself.  The way they managed serving all those people was simply outstanding. By the way, I did enjoy the show and the horsemanship.   The costumes were also fabulous.  It is something I would see again.

Check out this 30 second video that will give you a taste of “Medieval Times”.

medieval times Orlando video

The address for this spectacular show is 4510 W. Vine Street Kissimmee, Fl 34746 and you can check out their website by going HERE.

Looking for a bargain?  Check out this DISCOUNT  TICKET site right HERE.

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Guerilla Marketing Tactics That Make You Remarkable

26 Dec

If we use a few guerilla marketing tactics we just might get noticed and become remarkable.

T.V. has touched us with ads over and over again, but in the last few years, it just isn’t working anymore.

Companies spend millions of dollars anually to distract us and make us buy their products.

Watch this video by Seth Godin. He tells it like it is. I have outlined his guerilla marketing ideas for you below.

The company Coke Japan comes out with a new product every three weeks because they have no idea what will work.  Failure is what makes you successful. If you haven’t failed enough, you haven’t found what’s working.

The product that gets talked about or purchased depends on whether it is remarkable.

It needs to be worth remarking about and cause us to tell our friends.

If the product solves a problem or fills a need, people  will spread the word for “FREE”.

Remember, consumers really don’t care about you.  They want “me” mail, not “email”.

To market an idea without a following is difficult.

You have to find a group that really cares about what you have to say.

Krispy Kreme for example, enters a city, creates a following and prospers through word of mouth.  Sell to people who want to listen and they will tell their friends.

What marketers use to do is make average products for average people. That is what mass marketing is, stated at Five Channels.  We have so many choices and so little time now that we just don’t make any choices at all.

Don’t be boring! Be heard! Be remarkable!

Don’t be super outrageous, just figure out what they want and what you have to do to get their attention.

The riskiest thing is to be safe. Be in the fringes, be remarkable.

Very good is boring and won’t be noticed.  Figure out who cares and sell something to them.  They in turn will tell others.

That is the most basic of all guerilla tactics you can use.


The Ocala Farm Ministries and their live nativity scene

20 Dec

With Chaplain Bob Miller’s help, each year the “Ocala Farm Ministries” puts on a fabulous live nativity scene at the OBS facility.

It is always fun watch the little ones dress up in the Christmas play, but this is the real deal.  There were live animals including a camel that took part in the event.  They even had  a real baby playing the part of Jesus.

Whether you were an adult or a child, this performance made you smile.  The shepherds were struggling with difficult donkeys and belligerent cows but in the end the crowd gave a resounding amen!

Check this short video out to see what happened.

If you were not there this year, be sure to attend in 2013. Christmas isn’t complete without a live nativity scene.


Small business tips in Ocala Florida – Business Directory

11 Dec

Here are some small business tips for website ranking in Ocala Florida or any other city for that matter.

I often have people ask me “how can I increase my website ranking”.

It may surprise you that there are many free options out there in internet land that will improve your website ranking for free.  Yes free!

I know that sounds to good to be true, but this time it really is. It may require a little elbow grease, but anything worth having is worth working for.

Have you ever gone on line looking for a local business and found lots of sites that just list businesses like you are looking for?  You likely haven’t paid attention, but many websites are looking for and have perhaps even listed information about your small business tips business directorybusiness for free.

There are two reasons for this.  Websites like yellow pages, city search and many others, make their money and improve their web presence by grabbing your info and putting it on their website.

This may or may not be a problem for many small businesses and I will tell you why.

Free is good, but only if they get it right.

If they get it wrong, you are losing business and that affects your bottom line.  People might be calling the wrong number and going to the wrong location.  For every day this happens and you don’t fix it, you are leaving money on the table.

I can’t tell you how many times this happens and when the business owner is informed of what is going on, the common answer is “I just don’t understand that internet stuff”.

This is a deadly attitude that could eventually put them out of business.

Many small business owners in Ocala and other parts of the country are looking for help, but are refusing to keep up with technology.  I’ll bet these people are not still watching a black and white TV.

If this describes you, it is in your best interest to get with the program and increase your bottom line, for FREE.

Here is a list of common websites that might have your information.  I would suggest you check them out and see if you are listed.  If you are not, take the time to put your information on these sites.

Be sure to include a link to your website when you list your information.  This will allow others to find you and will send some important google juice in your direction.

This is one of the most important small business tips that you can implement.

  1. Bing
  2. Yahoo
  3. Yelp
  4. Merchant Circle
  5. LinkedIn
  7. White Pages
  8. Super Media
  9. Yellowbook
  10. CitySearch
  11. MapQuest
  12. Biznik
  14. Foursquare
  15. Thinklocal
  16. CitySlick
  17. USYellowPages
  18. Outside In
  19. Dex
  20. BizJournals
  21. JustClickLocal
  22. Discover Our Town
  23. Metrobot
  24. Best Deals On
  25. Twibs
  26. LocalEze
  27. Kudzu
  28. CityVoter
  29. Manta
  30. ZipWeb
  31. USCityNet
  32. Local Site Submit
  33. InfoUsa
  34. Acxiom
  35. Infignos
  37. Genie Knows
  38. Mojo Pages
  39. Brown Book
  40. Magic Yellow
  41. TeleAtlas
  42. Navteq
  43. Judysbook

For every individual directory that you submit to, it is another chance to get found online.  It is so important to make sure you’re listed in every directory possible.

Please share, comment and like this post if it has been helpful.

P.S. – If you are looking for some small business tips that might help you please feel free to contact me at 352-299-7419.

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