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“Air Horse One” and “Tex Sutton” are synonymous with “First Class Equine Air Transport”.

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H. E. Sutton Forwarding has been providing “First Class Air Transportation” since 1969.Live Oak Ocala Florida

Tex Sutton is the only U.S. based horse transportation company to utilize a dedicated aircraft and that is one of the many reasons why million dollar Derby winners like “I’ll have another” and “Zenyatta”, have chosen to use “Tex Sutton”.

Whether you race or show, having your horse arrive at the event in top condition mentally and physically is a must.

Our goals are to maintain a healthy, stress-free environment for the horses in our care so you can have the peace of mind to focus on your event or show.

When transporting one horse or a team of horses, we provide the same comfort and care that has been our hallmark for over five decades.

OBS sales and racing in Ocala Florida

If you are looking for “First Class” air transport for your horse, please visit our website at Sutton Forwarding.

You can also email us at:

After the OBS auction in Ocala Florida some horses are transported “First Class”.  Their feet never touch the ground after being loaded onto a transport from the sale barns and driven across the street to the Ocala airport. They are moved from trailer to trailer until they reach the ramp to the aircraft.

The experienced handlers quickly load and care for the horses needs and the athletes arrive at their new destinations quickly and with little stress.

Watch this video to get an insider view of how horses are transported “First Class with Tex Sutton”.



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