Access Your iPhone Camera Quickly Before Unlocking

14 Jun

Knowing how to easily access your iPhone’s camera will save you some grief.

Don’t miss that great shot because you didn’t know how to get to your camera in time.  There is a simple way to fix that problem.

Watch this video to learn a rather obvious tip that many miss.

Simply pushing the camera icon up before you unlock it will give you quick access to you iPhone’s camera.

I take a lot of photos and videos of animals and you have to be quick.  This tip has helped me to get photos I otherwise might have missed.

You can learn more tips on using your iPhone’s camera or how to take videos by going to VideosOnTheGo.

Micheline Productions VideosOnTheGoYou can also check out a great place to compare cameras and accessories by going to  It has video reviews and excellent prices through Amazon.

Have a great day!


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