Ocala Florida Trail Riding

Riding on the Ocala Florida Trail System

Enjoying Ocala was our dream.  Since we are horse enthusiasts, where to live in Ocala and what it had to offer was important to us.

We purchased a farm in a wonderful area with great soil and couldn’t be more pleased. Once we relocated it didn’t take us long to find out it was difficult to locate places we thought would be easily marked. The term “Florida’s little known Secret”, was becoming a secret to us.

Hours of driving, googling and talking to residents helped us to sort things out.  Maybe this hasn’t been your experience, but for us, we loved what Ocala had to offer (once we found it), but wished there was a one stop shop that could make that happen.

You likely know where I am heading.  It is from our own experience we decided to help others have an easier transition to “Enjoying Ocala”.

We have owned and operated businesses in Canada and the UP (for those who don’t know what that refers to, it is Upper Michigan), for many years now, and wanted to semi-retire to a warmer climate.  It didn’t take us long to find out Florida is more than “Disney”.  In fact, Ocala is similar in some respects to the north.  World class fishing in the wonderful fresh water springs, along with the urban cowboy culture and of course first class horse back riding trails.

Enjoying my horse in Ocala Florida

Creatively Enjoying Ocala With My Horse

People from all over the world choose Ocala as their destination place. Horses fly in and out on a routine basis. You can find almost every conceivable equine discipline along with world class professionals who winter here. This is the very reason we were drawn to this very special place that Florida is little known for.

The EnjoyOcala team wants to offer anyone who chooses to visit or reside here in Ocala, a  place to find necessary information to make their time spent here enjoyable.  Everything from where to ride your horse, fish, swim, pick oranges or just a place to find a good plumber.

Our dream is to encourage a community spirit where people can find a friend or learn about their city. Enjoying Ocala should be fun and exciting, for whatever reason you are here.

Working together for a better experience in Ocala, is what this is all about. We welcome photo submissions and comments.

Let’s make a community within a community.

Wil and Micheline Enjoying the Golden Ocala Christmas Party

Wil and Micheline Enjoying the Golden Ocala Christmas Party

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